From The Pastor's Desk

From The Pastor's Desk

From The Pastor’s Desk


   It is with great gladness that I have begun my ministry here at Graceville FUMC! My family and I wish to thank you for your warm greetings and your generous hospitality. We are so thankful for Jason’s ministry here and for what he and his family have meant to you over the years. Likewise, we are thankful for the many pastor’s and pastor’s families who have come before us. Each of them, in one way or another, has been an instrumental part of the legacy and ministry of this church. In doing so, they have shared with you in countless emotions and life’s experiences. They have been there in laughter and tears; in good times and in bad. They have been your shepherd, your teacher, your counselor, your friend, and so much more. Most importantly though, they have been your partner in ministry!


   It is a wonderful thing, to be connected as brothers and sisters in Christ and share in the connectional relationship we embrace as United Methodist. My family and I join you in celebrating the ministry of all of those who have come before us. We are so grateful to be here and for the work that God has already done; as well as the new works that He has begun here in this wonderful congregation. It is with hopeful expectation that we are looking forward to seeing what God can and will do through us all as we join in ministry together.


   Let us covenant to be in prayer for one another. Let us covenant to be in ministry together. Let us give glory to God in the highest! I am excited to be your pastor and pray that as we celebrate the legacy and ministry of those who came before me, we will honor their efforts and honor God Almighty by moving forward in ministry together.


See you Sunday!


Sean Rezek

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